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Student Success


For Chairs & Directors, Directors of Undergraduate Studies and Advisors

  • Carry the message to your colleagues about the importance of retention and student success to all of us. Reinforce that message often – this is an on-going priority
  • Guide your own unit’s initiatives
  • Support and reinforce the college-wide initiatives
    • OSAS will take initial responsibility for identifying students who appear to need intervention, and for reaching out to those students. Departments are asked to provide follow-up support for their students.
      • If they are unsuccessful after N attempts (N=3), they will notify the student’s major department. We ask that the department then make an effort to reach the student
      • If they are successful, they will report the results of their contact to the student’s major department. If they recommended a course of action to the student (e.g. “you need to work with your MATH instructor; you need to talk to the Financial Aid office; etc.”), they will report that to the department. The department is asked to follow-up with the student, to see if the recommended action took place.
        • If the student didn’t act, the department should encourage them to do so;
        • If the student did act, the department should try to obtain some assessment from the student about the outcome, and the effectiveness of the action taken.
        • Each unit should make its own determination of who within the unit will carry out these steps, and should share that determination with the college office and Debra Miller in OSAS.
    • Tutoring
      • Ensure that all of your faculty and staff are aware of the tutoring resources available to students. This includes not only content-specific tutoring, but also assistance in reading effectively, writing, study skills, time-management, etc.
    • EARS

The EARS survey will take place Sept. 12 – 22.The list of courses included in the survey can be found here. If your unit has courses on this list, please do the following:

      • Encourage instructors in those courses to take steps that will enable them to provide useful feedback during the survey.
      • Encourage them to complete the survey. You should receive a report on Sept. 17 indicating which instructors have completed the survey by that point.

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