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Student Success


For Faculty and Instructors

At its heart, it’s about establishing a connection to every student in order to give them the resources to be successful. Their success becomes ours, in terms of retention. 

  • If you have a student who appears to be having difficulties of any sort, help them: help them yourself if you're confident of how to do so; connect them to the campus resources that can help them succeed;
  • If someone from that campus network reaches out to you to ask you to assist with a student, respond to that outreach and assist with that student

Early intervention is key. The details of some of the options are laid out below. Some of them are ones that we are specifically asking you to participate in, others are optional. 

If you have any new students (either new freshmen or new transfer students), encourage them to participate in all three of the MAP-Works surveys. Guidelines for doing so can be found here.

Currently, just under 60% of new students participate in at least one of the three MAP-Works surveys.  We seek to significantly improve this participation rate. 

  • Participate in the Early Alert Response System

OSAS and the college have together identified a list of courses to target for the Early Alert Response Systems. The list can be found here. If you are the instructor for one of these courses, please complete the survey when it comes to you in mid-September.

E.A.R.S. asks you to report on student participation and success. The survey comes early in the semester, so that there is time to identify and engage students before it is too late. This works best if you have something to report. Please consider incorporating some activity to measure student participation and/or success.  Suggestions for doing so can be found here.

Last fall, only 10% of the sections surveyed responded to the EARS survey; in the spring, about 25% responded. We need to drive those numbers much higher: we’re looking for full participation this year.

  • Make Referrals

The Office of Student Academic Success encourages faculty and staff to refer students who need additional assistance in order to be successful at NIU. OSAS will evaluate each situation individually and work collectively with its campus partners to assist with issues that students are facing.  To make a referral, click here or contact Debra Miller at (815) 753-2403 or

  • Use the Blackboard Retention Center
  • Enroll in MAP-Works Yourself

MAP-Works allows individuals who are involved with a student to both input and view information about that student. To access MAP-Works, you must first receive training. The training will address both the mechanics of how to use the system, and the appropriate ways to use it. 

Email  or call 753-0713 to reserve your spot in a training session. Additional training dates will be added as needed.

Once trained, you can use MAP-Works to record information about students in your class that might be useful for advisors, OSAS, etc. to know. You will also be able to see information that others have recorded, that might be of assistance to you in interacting with that student.

In addition to helping you address specific student needs, you should also consider MAP-Works as a pedagogical tool for use in the classroom. Some resources for classroom use of MAP-Works are included on the MAP-Works website.


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