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Student Success


How to Impact Student Success

Finances and affordability are clearly a central issue for many of our students. That’s the one that we don’t touch as directly. But we can make a difference in two areas:

First and most fundamental, we define the path to graduation, we guide students on that path, and we measure their progress. In our roles as teachers, mentors, advisors, we have the greatest opportunity to help students identify a major, identify the classes they need, and succeed in those classes. It’s not about lowering standards; it’s about doing all in our power to help our students grow to the point that they can meet those standards.

Second, we know that for many students, it’s not just academic success or financial ability that determines whether they stay or go. It’s a sense of connection, a sense of belonging to something that matters to them. That connection might be to a student club or organization, it might be to a sport, it might be to that one instructor who lit a spark in them. Each of us has the opportunity to help a student feel connected to NIU, to see this as a community they want to be part of.

A student who is making progress to degree (and knows it), who feels connected, is likely to persist. A student who goes beyond, who is drawn in to high impact experiences such as undergraduate research, a study abroad, an internship, are likely to do more than persist, they are likely to thrive.

Renew your commitment to our students and their success.

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