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Tracking and Engaging Students

With a 30% first-year attrition rate, it’s clear that we have a lot of students for whom the college experience presents challenges as well as growth. If we can identify students and provide them with the tools they need to meet those challenges, we can help them succeed, both here and in their futures.

Faculty are central to this effort. There are tools that can help gather information about students. That information is used to detect issues a student might be facing, and signal the need to connect with that student early enough to make a difference. The Office of Student Academic Success will take the lead in the process, working with all of the offices across campus, from academic units to Counseling to Housing to Financial Aid to help students.

If you’re in the classroom, if you’re an advisor or work with undergraduates, you have a role in this. The website will provide the details of how to participate with MAP-Works, with Early Alert, with Attendance Tracking. Because these are university-wide systems, your participation with them will have a multiplying effect – you’ll help everyone who’s involved in helping our students.

If there are ways to build a sense of connection in your classroom, do so. If there’s a student that you have a concern about, reach out to them. If you’re not sure what to do, contact the Office of Student Academic Success, and they will figure out who’s the right person to help the student.

PeopleSoft Attendance Tracking

As part of the college-wide initiative to increase retention by identifying at-risk students, we are targeting the 100-200 level classes as a pilot study during the first two weeks of the Fall 2014 semester. The PeopleSoft Attendance tracking feature will automatically be turned on for all 100-200 level classes. Gathering attendance data can be accomplished in a number of ways (using "clicker" technology, passing around sign-in sheets, or utilizing in-class participation activities,etc.) and interested faculty can contact the College office (Dave Ballantine) for suggestions, or Sue Mini's office if they need additional help. Once attendance data has been gathered, those faculty and instructors who are willing to participate in the pilot can enter attendance data for their classes following the instructions provided by ITS.

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