APA Internship

Multicultural & Diversity Experiences

CCS staff are committed to providing training that addresses the need for psychologists to be sensitive to and knowledgeable of the diversity among clients, students, and the population at large. NIU’s student body includes approximately 30% ethnic minorities, primarily African-American, Latino/a, and Asian-American students. There is also a growing segment of the student population (approximately 16%) who identity as non-traditional college students (over the age of 23), including military veterans. CCS clientele reflect this diversity.

CCS has a number of programs and collaborative relationships in place to serve the student populations above as well as students who identify as LGBTQ. One of the priorities in assignment of clients to interns' case loads is to reflect the diversity of the NIU student population.

Interns will have opportunities to present outreach programs and presentations to a wide range of groups on campus, such as Housing & Dining, the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, the Center for Black Studies, the Latino Resource Center, the Asian American Center, and the International Student & Faculty Office.

Multicultural and diversity training is integrated into the internship program through individual supervision, group supervision, training seminars, and each intern's specialization area.