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At University Honors, we offer in-house advising to help you with course selection and completion of University Honors requirements.

Advising with your peer advisor or the assistant director is mandatory at certain milestones during your course of study. Even if you haven't reached these milestones, you are still welcome and strongly encouraged to seek University Honors advising at least once a semester.

Timing Advising Contact

When you first join the program

Peer Advisor or Assistant Director

When you complete the lower division requirements (with plans to start the upper division requirements)

Assistant Director

The semester prior to enrolling in the Honors capstone course

Assistant Director

Semester Non-Enrollment Policy & Request Form

Students are required to register for at least one University Honors class experience each semester. On occasion, however, there can be legitimate reasons to not enroll in an Honors class in a given semester. 

If you wish to petition for non-enrollment, you must: (1) meet with the program advisor and (2) complete the Request for Semester Non-Enrollment in University Honors Courses form.

Students must complete these steps by the last day of September (for the fall semester) and the last day of February (for the spring semester) or they may be deactivated from the University Honors Program. Normally, the University Honors Program will not approve more than two non-enrollment requests during a student’s undergraduate program of study. For further information, please consult the policy statement and form posted on this page.


Advising Picture

To schedule an advising appointment, please call 815-753-0694 or e-mail